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Silent watches - balm for noise-sensitive nerves

Silent watches are a very special luxury in this noisy and stressful world. The special feature of these watches is already evident from their name, they are silent or noise-reduced and are particularly suitable for noise-sensitive people.

After all, who doesn't know that? You just want to fall into bed after a hard day. But as soon as you're right, all you hear is the loud ticking of the old clock, which you've been wanting to dispose of for a long time anyway. Take advantage of the silent watches from our range. They are guaranteed not to keep you awake by ticking loudly.

Quiet wall clocks are therefore particularly suitable for the bedroom and also for places where your concentration could suffer from noise. However, a continuous ticking can also cause unrest in public buildings. For example, the ticking of a clock in a waiting room, hospital or similar location would be particularly unpleasant. Silent wall clocks are the ideal solution if time is important but should not push unpleasantly into the foreground.

The particularly low-noise wall clocks usually look like normal analogue clocks, only without the irritating ticking. The second hand, usually the cause of ticking, can also be used here. The use of the creeping second, in which the pointer runs continuously instead of jumping from second to second, prevents ticking.