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Sauna clocks - reliable under all circumstances

Sauna clocks must meet special requirements that result from the surrounding of the clock. They are particularly well prepared against humidity, high temperatures of the sauna and equipped for a long-lasting, reliable and accurate lifetime. Especially when it comes (at least for the body and the clock extreme) to such extreme places as the sauna, then you should be able to rely on the existing instruments, so that the transition to the sauna is as relaxing as you would expect and no unpleasant surprises occur.

In addition to the time, even more data is displayed, as in most sauna clocks, thermometer and hygrometer are also installed to quickly deliver the most important information at a glance: the temperature and the relative humidity.

To make sure, the appearance of the clocks is not out of line, many models are kept in natural-colored, light wood, which fit the clock very well in a wooden sauna. The high durability as well as other positive properties of natural materials are highly appreciated here. Especially when the clocks are to be hung inside the sauna, wood is particularly well-suited, because it is saved from overheating at the very high temperatures, and so there is no risk of burning to the visitor. But also metal Sauna clocks are not rare, they are often used for pure thermometer and hygrometer and then hung up accordingly so high that no accidental direct contact with it can result. The sauna wall clocks are so clearly designed that they are, in any case, easy to read, even with water vapor and from a distance.