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Shield Clocks - Black Forrest atmosphere for your own four walls

Black Forest shield clocks enjoy currently an incredible comeback. The once widespread clocks from Switzerland were found frequently at first in the homes and estates of the nobility. Today, all friends of good taste can afford decorative clocks, even if they are not suspended in the manor but in the living room.

The Black Forest clocks are enjoying great popularity as well as the cuckoo clock, which are probably associated more generally with the Black Forest. Shield clocks usually have one large rectangular dial, which is partially extended to a semi-circle. This shield offers plenty of room for high-quality decorations such as garlands of flowers or other decorative elements which are being painted.

Simultaneously the lac clocks represent, as they are also called, the charm of the Black Forest like nothing else. On the contrary, in their own way, they distribute cozy ambience and high-quality processing of mostly hand-painted motifs which makes them seem even more expressive. The motives vary in a wide range of simple floral arrangements to scenes of country life and the flora and fauna of the Black Forest.

So everybody who is searching for a typical Black Forest clock, should not just simply buy cuckoo clocks as they are well known, the lac clocks are as typical and fit into many home furnishings in which a cuckoo clock would clutter the scene.