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Sunshine Garden MILLENIUM 3-MS Sonnenuhr
Wall Clock

Wall Clock Sunshine Garden
Artikel:MILLENIUM 3-MS Sonnenuhr
EAN: 4260350150770

Sunshine Garden-MILLENIUM 3-MS SonnenuhrSunshine Garden-MILLENIUM 1-MS Sonnenuhr

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Sunshine Garden MILLENIUM 3-MS Sonnenuhr Wall Clock - Garden Clocks

    All sundials are premium-quality products made of sanded stainless steel and feature a valuable, satinised surface. Stainless steel is very durable and resistant against extreme weather conditions. This way you will enjoy this sundial for a long long time and it remains in perfect condition.

  • Cleansing
    The sundial can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth and usual washing-up liquid.
  • Dial
    The Roman numerals on the display are laser-cut.
  • Dimensions
    Diameter 580 mm, height 900 mm
  • Distinctive features
    High-quality German product of JIMdeco
  • Material
    The sundial consists of polished stainless steel or such sanded with glass pearls, which is very resistant and doesn't rust. Therefore the Sunshine Garden sundial stays in a perfect condition for many years.
  • Other
    High-gloss polished brass balls at the gnomon (vertical rod)
  • Packaging
    Delivered in pre-assembled components. Easy and quick final assembly.
  • Weight
    6 kg
  • Are you looking for a particular timepiece but cannot find it?
    We can help! Don't hesitate: contact us! Contact
MaterialStainless steel
Dial-face colourSilver
NumeralsAbout us

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