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Terrastudio - the eye catcher in any home

Pure individuality - this could probably be the motto Terra Studios is following. These watches are both manufactured and painted by hand and are thusly a true eye-catcher. For every Terrastudio Wall Clock boasts uniqueness, love for details and artistic design.

Terrastudio clocks give any room a unique atmosphere. One special feature of these clocks is that they are made of ceramics. In addition, the carefully and precisely applied colors are then sealed, so you can enjoy your Terrastudio clock for a long time. Also in the design, the artists and designers of the Terrastudio products let their imagination run wild.

Their originality makes Terrastudio wall clocks and thermometers true works of art with individual charm. Whether animal, vegetable, or everyday objects - everything can turn into a clock at Terrastudio. Here everyone can find their personal Terrastudio clock in order to express his or her individuality.

The broad spectrum Terra Studios offers with a colorful mixture of various motives for lovers of good taste and authenticity. Whether more classic or kept absolutely modern, a Terrastudio clock adapts to any setting. Moreover, these unique wall clocks form fantastic accents. Only to name a few of their advantages.

Who does not know the purple Milka cow? Terrastudio has transformed it into a pendulum clock and also gave it a small, cute little calf. A bit of luck anyone? Then the lucky pig with four-leaf clover and ladybugs is just right.

Sour can be fun - that probably applies even when the thermometer is a grinning lemon. Coffee lovers can also express their passion with a Terrastudio wall clock, for example a latte macchiato clock in the shape of a tumbler. Sailors might hang the Lighthouse Clock into their living room, dreaming about the circumnavigation of he world at any sight of time. However, the variety of Terrastudio is so broad, that you better have a look at it yourself.

You want to buy one of or several clocks by Terra Studio? Then you are in good hands in our shop. Because we have a large selection of different Terrastudio clocks for you.