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TFA - Weather stations for everyone

The company TFA is for over 40 years one of the best known and highly respected manufacturers of weather stations and meteorological instrumentation worldwide. New products are constantly developed, expanding the selection with technological innovations.

The various series like Nova TFA, TFA Sigma or TFA Laluna address numerous customers who expect diverse functions from a TFA Weather Station. Those looking for a simple device that can clearly show combined thermal and hydro meters to cover the information needed will find the right weather station as well as those who expect the stations to have more functions. Some models are also usable inside a sauna, where such information like temperature or humidity is of great importance. The more elaborate the TFA Weather stations are, the more functions they offer at once.

Those who prefer a more classic one can opt for a weather station with analog hands, which are partly manufactured in a retro style. Modern stations, however, are often designed with digital displays since this method can display different display-modes and more information at once. Very modern are those weather stations with a color monitor which displays all the information just like on a small TV in clear and beautiful graphics.

Suitable for hanging or placing these models on a table, they can be operated with remote controls, which makes the handling incredibly comfortable. These weather stations are almost lifestyle objects that enrich the spatial impression on a high technical level.