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Walnut - Enduring elegance in watch form!

The wood of the walnut tree it is very noble, so it enjoys great popularity both in interior design and in furniture making. Walnut furniture exudes elegance and a little nobility. Thus, all walnut furnishings give every home a special atmosphere.

The properties of walnut wood are very promising. Because this great wood is resistant to bending and has good stamina. Furthermore, walnut is easy to cut and is also easy to work with in other ways. The surface treatment does not pose any problems either. Depending on the location of the tree, the coloration ranges from light gray-brown to dark brown.

The fruit of the walnut tree, the walnut, is still considered very healthy today. The ingredients of walnut protect our heart and brain. Romans, Greeks and Germanic tribes seem to have known this. For them, nuts were considered food of the gods and were dedicated to the gods Zeus, Thor and Jupiter. But the walnut tree also had a special significance for the Celts. It was a sign of permanence, immortality, even eternity.

In addition, the walnut tree and its fruits are a symbol of fertility and are also said to protect against ghosts and lightning strikes. One more reason to buy a home accessory from this Hozl. Why not a fancy watch? It not only shows the time, but is also very chic and puts you and your guests in a pleasant mood. Because walnut wood radiates warmth and security. The perfect ambience for a convivial evening in front of the fireplace and with a nice glass of wine.

Here you will find grandfather clocks, wall clocks and table clocks made of walnut in a wide variety of designs. The diverse spectrum ranges from classic to modern, with each model looking elegant. With walnut wood you always have your finger on the pulse of the times, so that such a watch is always an eye-catcher.