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Zeit.punkt - German clocks in a great variety

German clocks are mainly produced in the Black Forest, since the 17th century. Such as clocks by the brand ZEIT.punkt, which are known for their high quality, innovative design and precision. Behind these high quality timepieces stands the company Anton Schrenk & Son which is well known both in Germany and abroad for carefully manufactured clocks.

Since its founding in 1920, this family-owned company has been working continuously to meet the highest quality standards. In addition, the range was always expanded, for example by the production of their own wood- and plastic housing.

Today, most models are characterized by extravagance. However, the broad variety of ZEIT.punkt clocks also includes classic models. This broad spectrum includes table clocks, radio clocks, kitchen clocks, as well as wall clocks with a quartz movement.

For the company Anton Schrenk & Son has its own carpentry, all housings are manufactured on site. The use of natural woods such as beech, mahogany and alder, is what most foreign customers appreciate most.

Regarding the design, imagination almost knows no limits.For there are not only different shapes and colors, but also various material combinations. One model reminds the specttor of the sun with its staggered bits of brass and walnut root decor. One skillfully combines beech and glass materials, where the wood is forming the four angles of a square.

Also to be found in the product range are wall clocks with wooden cabinets that revive grandfather's time. Thus, they give each home an ancient, noble charm. Furthermore, many models are available in different materials or designs, so these clocks can be explicitly adapted to the specific style of your furnishing.