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Bracelets purchase advice

The bracelet - Fashionable jewelry as a companion in every situation

Bracelets are extremely versatile and therefore fit every style imaginable. Whether classic with a business outfit in the office, playful on a warm summer's day with an airy dress, elegant in the theater or at a concert, as a flirtatious eye-catcher at a party with friends or a gaudy highlight at a music festival - a bracelet is always the ideal companion. With skilful staging, the iconic piece of jewellery on the wrist not only completes your look and rounds it off harmoniously, but also attracts everyone's attention.

In addition, it can be easily combined with other accessories and gives them even more shine with its modest understatement. The right bracelet should always fit the situation, whether at work or in your free time, in everyday life or on vacation, whether with a trendy, sophisticated, chic, smart or casual outfit. I'm sure you sometimes wonder how to recognize the bracelet that best emphasizes your style. Here you can find out which bracelets are ideal for you and your needs, and get tips for the perfect choice.

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What you should pay attention to when choosing and buying bracelets!

First of all, you should decide what material the bracelet should be made of. The elegant classics are either made of titanium, yellow, white and rose gold or silver, although many also opt for the cheaper gold-plated version. Real pearls, which also stylishly complement any festive wardrobe, or the somewhat more delicate freshwater pearls for more everyday use, look very elegant on the wrist. If you like it a little more casual, you can opt for the variants with fine thread tape or leather - in combination with a delicate jewelry plate, sparkling gemstone or small wooden beads, even the smartest bracelet version becomes a real eye-catcher and is perfect for everyday use. Even before choosing your favorite piece, you measure how short or long the bracelet can be. After all, it should not sit too tightly and cut in, but also not be too loose and slide down at the slightest movement. Of course, the size also depends on the model: In contrast to the fashionable ones, the nobler bracelets are not quite as close to the wrist.

Bracelets - The most important quality criteria

If you're willing to invest a little more money in your bracelet, which you'll keep and wear for a long time, you're best off choosing a jewelry-quality piece such as Boss Jewelry. Such a piece of jewelry is a durable and reliable companion that meets the highest quality requirements. However, if you opt for a slightly cheaper version, you don't have to worry about quality and workmanship. Our warehouse staff check every single piece of jewelry for quality and workmanship. We also examine the decorative parts and how carefully they are connected to the carrier material, such as how firmly the gemstone adheres or hanging parts such as glass beads or feathers have been attached. An important point that also needs to be checked is the closure. This must hold securely so that you don't lose your bracelet immediately if you get caught somewhere unnoticed.

Which bracelets go with my outfit

If you attach great importance to a harmonious overall picture, you can even choose the piece of jewelry to match your complexion. If you have a lighter skin tone, you will find the right bracelet in the models made of titanium, white gold or silver. For a fresh summer tan or naturally slightly darker complexion, a rich yellow gold goes best. The precious metal in the coloring rosé suits all ladies and can therefore be used universally. A beautiful accessory on the arms adds a personal touch to every outfit - this works just as well for serious business fashion as it does for elegant evening wear and a casual streetwear look. Basically, in a direct comparison of professional life and leisure time, the following applies: In the workplace, bracelets in muted colours set subtle accents without being obtrusive. Here they are just pretty accessories, but by no means eye-catchers, which is why they must not dominate your clothing style in the office. Outside the office, you choose the piece of jewelry to match the occasion and outfit - the more casual the event, the more eye-catching your bracelet may be.

How to combine bracelets with other jewelry

A wide variety of models can be perfectly combined with other decorative accessories such as necklaces or earrings - either in a set or as a mix. Of course, the bracelet should always match the watch when you wear one - both can work great together, either in the same style or in contrasting contrasts, and can give each other a great appearance. Have you ever tried layering? It is the wearing of several bracelets on top of each other in variable designs, colors and shapes. This fashionable trend always results in new charming creations with a very personal statement. The following applies: Choose a piece of jewellery made of gold or silver that is as simple and discreet as possible, followed by pieces made of fabric or leather, and the crowning glory is bracelets with pearls or pendants. Of course, you can also combine several similar pieces. In the minimalist style, for example, some thin, filigree individual pieces are used in a uniform style. Or you can wear the same simple bracelets in different shades.

These bracelet models are trending right now

Not only since yesterday, but also today, charm bracelets with their decorative and mostly detailed pendants are very popular. This bracelet is an individual collection of small gifts, memorabilia or holiday souvenirs with high idealistic value. The second trend is called the link bracelet. These models feature eye-catching chain links and are a stylish eye-catcher on the wrist. These specimens are available in a wide variety of designs, with more or less protruding individual links - if these are particularly flat, it is a so-called armored bracelet. The third fashion highlight is bracelets with pearls - whether they are real or made of wood, glass, plastic ... all these variants are well received. Timeless and always a trend is the bracelet with engraving - either just for you, or in combination with a very special person. With the names, or a date that has meaning for both, or the coordinates of the place you visited together, you can signal real connection. You are sure to make your best friend, your mother or sister, or even your partner happy.

Bracelets - Small accessories with a big effect!

The decisive factor for the grand appearance of a bracelet that you have chosen to suit your type and taste as well as your wishes is the way you wear it. The piece of jewelry comes into its own particularly confidently on the arm where it bothers you less - this is usually the left side for right-handers and the right side for left-handers. But if they don't restrict you on any arm while working, you can of course decorate both wrists with them. Which model you ultimately decide on and then present to the public is ultimately entirely up to you. With the classics made of gold and silver you are on the safe side and can't go wrong. But why not try specimens in exotic ethno, cheeky boho or playful hippie style? Or make a statement with a glittering rhinestone bracelet? In any case, be aware of the great effect this small accessory can have if it fits into the overall picture of your appearance and rounds it off optimally. In this case, you are sure to admire those around you!