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PDPaola Buyer's Guide

PDPaola: creative pieces of jewellery for every day

Life is colorful and full of surprises. A beautiful example is nature - so diverse, colorful and multifaceted that we immediately feel at home. The sunny You can capture sides of life with women's jewelry from PDPaola. The young brand stands for playful Extravagance and colourful charm. Enchanting details make the pieces of jewellery something very special Special. Whether you want to make big statements or delicate accents - with PDPaola jewelry You can do both. Discover the magical collections and find out which pieces of jewelry are just perfect for you.

Table of contents

What materials PDPaola jewelry is made of

Quality is the be-all and end-all for the creative brand. Sterling silver forms the basis of many PDPaola Creations. The material - also called 925 silver - enchants with a beautiful Shine. The alloy consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% materials such as copper. Sterling silver is just perfect for jewelry. It is high quality, durable and looks confusingly similar to expensive white gold. PDPaola women's jewelry brings the 925 silver stylish. The cool shade impresses with its luxurious look. But also in In the golden robe, the alloy looks simply wonderful - the 18K gold plating makes sure of that. In this way, the delicate silver tone is transformed into a glamorous gold magic. PDPaola's women's jewelry doesn't need much care to look beautiful for a long time. For a easy cleaning, you place your jewelry in a small bowl with lukewarm water and Washing-up liquid. A soft baby toothbrush complements the grooming routine. With it you will reach even between small stones - so your jewelry will be extra clean. Sterling Silver Creations If necessary, you can also clean it in a special silver bath or with a silver cleaning cloth. Possible discolorations are reliably removed and your jewelry shines like new. Do you own women's jewelry with 18k gold plating and want to refresh the gold plating? a visit to the jeweller is recommended.

Which pieces of jewellery are in the foreground of the brand

PDPaola loves variety. Whether , necklaces or bracelets - in every category the young brand through imaginative charm. Each piece of jewellery is a tribute to the love of the Detail. The perfectly finished shapes, the sparkling stones, the high-quality workmanship - with PDPaola makes jewelry simply fun. You are welcome to make individual statements or several Combine pieces of jewellery with each other. The brand's creative motto continues throughout each collection. through. A special theme are the earring sets from PDPaola. Here, each earring enchants with a wonderful design. The individual creations are very different, but harmonize perfectly together. If you have multiple pierced ears, the sets are a wonderful choice. The same applies to creative asymmetry: Here you wear a different one in your right and left ear holes. Jewel. The effect is fantastically beautiful and a successful change from classic Earring Designs. The jewellery sets are also just perfect as a gift idea. Who isn't happy about pretty women's jewellery for a special occasion or as a small gift for in between?

The playful designs of PDPaola

Women's jewelry from the PDPaola brand is anything but ordinary. At the heart of the designs is creative variety. Colourful, glittering, extravagant and girly - the enchanting creations invite you on a journey into the fantasy world. A big topic is zirconia stones. Whether in Whether it's classic white or colourful nuances, the delicate stones sparkle with the sun. They look like real diamonds or delicious candies that brighten up summer and winter days. Necklaces with heart charms, earrings with mother-of-pearl details and lovingly decorated letter necklaces are among the favorites of the collections. Women's jewellery, which focuses on colourful Lays stones, makes great statements in the PDPaola collections. A wonderful highlight are the pieces of jewellery inspired by the animal world. Fall in love with Creations with bee pendants and enchanting beetle charms. The little animals are reminiscent of the eternal spring and inspire with pure lightness. Also jewelry with floral Details such as floral motifs are among our favorites. From delicate stud earrings to beautiful statement necklaces - the young brand interprets floral charm in a creative way. Another highlight are the unusual shapes. Perfectly curved lines with asymmetrical details, round or angular designs, narrow or wide. Hoop earrings in particular are in the Focus of creativity: Each model is a work of art that gives you joy day after day. Whether with stones, small pendants or extravagant shapes - the classic hoop earrings are given here a dreamlike makeover.

which pieces of jewelry you can use to create romantic creations

The playful PDPaola designs harmonize perfectly with each other. From sparkling bees to delicate bees From flowers to hearts and asymmetrical shapes - this is beauty like in a fairy tale. Of course you can also conjure up contrasts with the pretty women's jewelry. Perfect for girly Creations fits jewellery with a modern, purist touch. Making a Wonderful Statement Bracelets made of stainless steel and leather. Brands such as Boss Jewelry and Tommy Jewelry are known for this type of of women's jewelry. The necklaces and earrings of the labels also inspire with trendy Designs - Extraordinary details are part of the good manners here. Together with your filigree bracelets create an extraordinary look. Another great brand is Bering Jewelry. This label is more playful than Boss Jewelry and Tommy Jewelry, but not as girly as PDPaola. The Bering Jewelry collections also hold great results. Surprises in store. The high-quality women's jewellery made of stainless steel is sometimes delicate and sometimes extravagant - a wonderful combination. Colourful details, charms and hearts play a leading role here. Our tip: Feel free to take a look at the watch collections of Bering Jewelry. In this category the brand inspires with pure variety - from classic to sporty designs, everything is thereby.

Modern Jewelry by PDPaola

The young label convinces with fresh, feminine jewellery designs for every day. With PDPaola you feel as if you are walking through a dreamlike garden and seeing the most beautiful Take your creations with you. Modern jewellery simply has that certain something. At the same time, he so versatile that he also loves contrasts and goes along with every style experiment. Discover our wonderful selection of PDPaola women's jewelry and look forward to finally showing your favorites get to know each other personally. Again and again there are new creations that want to conquer your heart and quickly on your wish list - because creativity knows no bounds