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Binary Time - The Next Generation of Timepieces

Binary Time watches are the very special eye-catcher for anyone who dares to leave the conventional dials and hands behind. The new binary watches come completely without the classic figures, but are just as accurate and after you get used to it, easy to read as well.

Binary watches show the time with illuminated diodes, which are traditionally converted with a dual system. The first two columns show the hour data, the next two the minute data and the last two columns the seconds data. Depending on the time the corresponding diodes are illuminated. The rows counted from top to bottom each are corresponding to a value of 1, 2, 4 or 8 (or 0 if there is no diode illuminated). Then you need to add the diodes lit from the bottom up for each column to get to the exact value.

So when you want to read the number of hours, one looks at the first column that represents the numeric value of the number of hours first, this can show either 0, 1 or 2. If it is 10 clock, only one diode will light up. The next column shows the value of the hour, here you add the values in a column with each other. At 13 o'clock, 3 of the diodes would be lit then,: you add the 1 of the first row with the 2 of the Second.

In addition to this way of time-representation, of course there are other variations of the Binary Time watches for men and women. Thus, the diode can also be arranged in a circle or only in two rows one above the other, which of course also changes the reading.

The best way is to look at some watches to get used to the new way of time-presentation and to practice reading at the beginning for a little while. Binary Time and The One watches offer the highest standard in the world of binary watches and are perfect for anyone looking for a special watch.