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Only the best for your kids - Jacques Farel Kid's Watches

The world of Jacques Farel Kids is dominated by the thought about the future. One of the leading brands when it comes to children's watches, has prescribed themselves to a sustainable and ecologically valuable watch production. Jacques Farel Kids uses only organic materials that are free of harmful substances of any kind. The organic cotton bracelets meet the highest standards of sustainability, while providing exceptionally beautiful colour variations and comfort for your loved ones. Not only the exterior of the watch is eco, also the inner life can safely be described as environmentally friendly, thus no regular batteries are used, but special mercury-free batteries (H90%).

The attractive designs offer the right model for every taste, if tiger, flower, panda, butterfly or dolphin, Jacques Farel Kids watches make children smile.

The children watch by Jacques Farel Kids of course also addresses the needs of the little ones, to make the reading of the clock as simple and easy. There is for example information on the hands about what is displayed: A small hand on which "hour" is written, and a larger one with "minute" facilitate the learning of times immensely, without affecting the visual appearance of the watch. The cheery and colorful models will inspire your children, just as well as you. Calm down your nervs with the good feeling of buying a safe product that you can trust.