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Kinetic Watches - clean energy for your watches

Never change the batteries again, switch to a Kinetic watch today and you will not only acquire a more environmentally friendly watch, but also a very durable one. The principle is very simple, such as Seiko Kinetic watches, by the brand Pulsar or Vostok Europe, are powered by the movements of the wearer. A power reserve can bridge movement breaks of up to six months or more, even without the watch being moved at all. The watches are still more reliable because kinetic energy is stored. Since 1986 Seiko introduced the first Kinetic watch, the technology is constantly evolving, so Kinetic watches are now even more precise than simple mechanical watches.

This environmentally friendly method allows you to make a contribution to environmental protection and at the same time never again to waste a thought about whether your watch could stopp one day, only by moving the Kinetic watch. For who does not know that usually conventional batteries fail the in worst-possible moment.

We offer Kinetic watches by numerous well known and quality brands: the elegant ladies watches by Vostok Europe Kinetic, Seiko Kinetic watches, the robust and classical Pulsar Kinetic watches, on you will find the right watch fast and cheap. We are happy to assist you with questions and advise you on the various functions and special features of Kinetic watches.