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Luminox watches

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You enjoy the sunset with your friends. After a short time it has become very dark in your area. Your colleague wants to know what time it is because he can't read the time on his watch because it's too dark. Fortunately, you can tell him the exact time, as you can read the time at any time with your exclusive Luminox watch. This is due to an exclusively developed lighting technology.

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History of Luminox

Like many other success stories in the watch world, the idea for Luminox watches goes back to a single inventor who thought about the shortcomings of existing military forces in order to find innovative solutions. At Luminox, this was Barry Cohen, a veteran of the watch manufacture, who found a process in Switzerland for the production of permanently self-luminous materials that was perfectly suited for the optimal illumination of dials, especially under the most difficult conditions. In 1989 he founded his own watch factory in San Rafael (California) under the name Luminox. Since then, functional and innovative military instruments have been produced and sold under the name Luminox. Special professional groups swear by the quality and functionality of Luminox⤙s unique watches. These include the U.S. bobsleigh team, the Coast Guard, and the U.S. Air Force. Since its founding, the company has always been able to develop steadily and consequently expand into more than 30 countries. With the acquisition of 50 percent of the company's shares from the Swiss brand Mondaine, the European expansion in particular could be driven forward.

The special thing about Luminox watches

The idea for the brand name is explained by the special way the watches work. Lumi is Latin and means light - Nox, on the other hand, stands for night. The goal was to develop high-quality sports wristwatches that could be read reliably and at a glance even at the dead of night. With the unique light technology in every Luminox watch, you can easily read the time in complete darkness. This power-independent technology is remarkable and unique at the same time. No other manufacturer manages to create such conditions in this way. In addition to the resistant and robust materials, the Luminox brand stands for Swiss quality workmanship. All watches are produced in a Swiss movement and subjected to quality control.

One of the first models to appear on the market was developed in close cooperation with the American special forces Navy Seals. The Luminox Navy SEAL watch is thus the watch that made Luminox famous in the first place. This was soon followed by further developments for the American forces. This is also the case for the pilots of the famous F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft. Shortly thereafter, Luminox was also to develop timepieces and wristwatches exclusively for the developer of the Nighthawk, Lockheed Martin.

Luminox watches

Luminox is one of the most famous American brands for outdoor and military watches. The brand has gained particular fame due to the tritium inlays incorporated into the dial, which make it easy to read the time even in the deepest darkness. The optimal solution for all outdoor and military fans. The Luminox light technology does not require charging from daylight or artificial light. Also noteworthy are the very light housings made of carbon-reinforced plastic in some models.

Their versatile product range also makes Luminox interesting for watch lovers. Luminox offers both classic military stirrers for outdoor use under difficult conditions as well as elegant variants with leather straps that adapt to everyday business life. In our exclusive online shop for Luminox watches you will find the bestsellers from the Air Series, the Land Series and the Sea Series, all custom-made for the land, air and sea forces of the United States. Manufactured with the best Swiss movements and high technology from the watch manufactory, Luminox outdoor watches stand for excellent quality and high reliability. As an authorized Luminox dealer in Germany, you will only receive original products with a two-year manufacturer's warranty! Browse our wide range and find your Luminox today. The entire Luminox watch portfolio covers a wide range of watches for many different requirements and occasions. However, a special feature for Luminox can be found in each of these watches. The excellent readability in the dark thanks to the unique Luminox light technology.

buy recommendation Luminox watch

Luminox watches are high-quality and functional Swiss brand products. The sophisticated combination of quality and design will satisfy the wishes of every watch lover. Due to the exclusive production in Switzerland, the watches meet the highest quality standards. Luminox watches combine value, individuality, functionality and reliability. In addition, you are not just buying an exclusive watch, but you are investing in lasting values. The watches defy price fluctuations and maintain their resale value. Some models even experience increases in value over time. These watches are particularly popular with collectors. In addition to the high quality, the unique lighting technology is a selling point enough. No other watch manufacturer manages to master readability in low light conditions and even complete darkness as Luminox.