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Luminox Outdoor Watches - Military Watches with unique Illumination Technology

Luminox is one of the most famous American brands for outdoor and military watches. The brand has gained special prominence through the dial incorporated tritium inserts, which even in the deepest darkness, ensures the optimal solution for reading the time without exterior light, this makes it so perfect for all outdoor and military fans. Their diverse product range makes Luminox interesting for watch lovers. Luminox offers both classic military watches for outdoor use under harsh conditions and Noble versions with leather straps that adapt to everyday business.

Like many other success stories in the world of watches, the idea behind Luminox watches goes back to a single inventor who saw the inadequacies of existing military watches and did everything he could in order to find innovative solutions. In the case of Luminox it was Barry Cohen, a veteran of the watch manufacturer, who, located in Switzerland, invented a method for the production of durable self-glowing materials, which were perfect for optimal illumination of dials, in particular for difficult conditions. Together with his friend Richard Timbo, he founded his own watch factory in 1989 under the name Luminox.

The idea for the brand name is explained by the special operation of the watch. Lumi is Latin for light - Nox, however, is night. The goal was to develop sports watches that were reliable and easy to read at a glance even in the darkest night. This was achieved by the use of self-luminous tritium tubes, which are applied on the dial. The extremely low-radioactive and thus safe tritium impressed by its durability and unmatched charisma compared to conventional luminescent materials. The Luminox illumination that provides easy readability at first sight, regardless of the environmental conditions and for at least a quarter century.

One of the first models that came on the market was developed in close cooperation with the American Special Forces Navy Seals. The Luminox Navy SEAL watch is the watch that made Luminox famous. Soon followed by further developments for the American forces. So also for the pilots of the famous F-117 Nighthawk Stealth. Shortly thereafter, Luminox developed timepieces and watches also exclusively for the developer of the Nighthawk, Lockheed Martin.

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