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Watches Find the right MVMT watch to suit your taste

Friday evening. You're getting ready for the upcoming party. A cool pair of jeans, sneakers and a stylish shirt are a must. As you are about to set off, you notice that the most important thing is still missing. Your new stylish MVMT watch. Quickly draped over your wrist, the party can finally begin.
Find out here what makes MVMT watches so modern and exclusive and what variants are available for you.

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The values of MVMT

MVMT is the abbreviation for Movement. MVMT watches were founded on the belief that watch styles should not be limited. They want to change the way people think about fashion. MVMT pursues this goal by offering minimalist but at the same time modern watches at fair prices. Not only does an MVMT watch look modern and chic, but it's also affordable for everyone.
Are the watches for a specific target group? No, regardless of whether you are a student or a manager, the classic and puristically designed watches are a stylish companion in everyday life thanks to their timeless simplicity. MVMT watches harmonize perfectly in every situation of your life and with every outfit. Whether in sports, leisure or business.
In recent years, the company has developed into an internationally active company. The numbers speak for themselves: more than a million customers around the world, several million followers on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram). So it's no wonder that the company was voted Startup of the Year 2017.

MVMT¤™s slogan unmistakably stands for the unique development of the brand. ÂWhat started with a watch, become a movementÂ

The history of MVMT watches

The story began in 2013, when Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante dropped out of college to surprise and revolutionize the watch world. They were annoyed by big watch manufacturers who offer outdated models at high prices. In the beginning, all it took was an original watch design and a successful crowdfunding campaign. These are the ones that got MVMT watches off the ground. A particularly helpful means of disseminating and promoting the brand was social media channels. As a result, MVMT watches and the vision behind them have been able to grow worldwide. After this long journey to become an international company, a small creative team is now working on new modern watches at its headquarters in Los Angeles. The watches are modern, minimalist and, above all, a real eye-catcher.

MVMT Watches Trends

Here we would like to give a small preview of developments and trends of MVMT watches.


However, MVMT is by no means a pure men's watch brand. It also produces very beautiful and elegant feminine women's watches. The MVMT watches have very modern and interesting color combinations for their dials and bracelets. Gold-coloured, rose,©gold-coloured and silver-coloured elements flow into the watches. Especially rose,©gold-coloured and gold-coloured link and leather bracelets are very trendy these days. The MVMT company tries to develop watches that meet today's modern standards of a self-confident woman and to set new trends.


MVMT has some very modern chronograph watches in its range. Many elements as well as current colors play a major role.
You're probably wondering what a chronograph watch actually is? A chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch function. This function allows a second hand to run independently of the movement. This means they can run their second hand for any purpose. For example, stopping time during a marathon. Especially in the 1970s, chronographs were used to measure time in sports competitions. They are very trendy in this day and age. They have very sporty elements, but can still look classy and modern.