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Unconventional Italians - Police Watches

Everybody who hears Police, of course first thinks of the guardians of law in uniform who maintain law and order - in this case, however, it is about the distinctive and eye-catching watches of the brand Police, which also come along straightforward and organized.

Particularly striking are the unusual forms of the cases. Although classical round or rectangular models belong to the range of products, the unusual shapes are those to characterize the brand: For example, the model P13088JS-04 from the Series Hammerhead, the dial was made in the shape of a Greek cross, slightly elongated. According to the name they commemorate the head of a hammer using the elongated shape of the juxtaposed three analog display fields. Whose construction will undoubtedly have contributed to the very horizontally arranged Dial shape of the Police men's watch.

Other models, such as the Tripod series feature a squared dial, on which three analog display fields are mounted in a triangle. As the name tripod indicates, the three display fields are just like the corners of a triangle next to each other. With the separate arrangement of the display fields, the clock gains clarity and becomes an ideal companion to the missions of everyday life.

If you prefer the Police watches even clearer, you will be a fan of the series Hydra, whose most salient features are the two separate analog display fields on the rectangular dial. Like the mythological namesake, the role of two is of particular importance. The myth is referred to by the two juxtaposed display fields - in Greek mythology, it is the number of heads of the multi-headed Hydra, two heads grew new as soon as one head was cut off. The unusual name of this origin underlines the unusual design and the attention to details that Police watches enjoy great popularity today.