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Rosendahl - minimalist watches as fashion statement

The Rosendahl Watches are a very special fashion statement from the Danish watches industry. Known for classic designs and simple elegance, the company Rosendahl has formulated their task very clearly: the revival of the timeless style of the past.

The numerous designers are aimed at a modern yet elegant style, there are always several designers and design teams committed to the good old days, when a watch was still characterized by craftsmanship and minimalist design - and does not need to provide the computing power of a small computer as it is sometimes normal these days. Rosendahl watches provide exactly the right watch for everyone, the emphasis on elegance and a minimalist style sets clear signals.

The usually very homogeneous forms in which the dial is a unit with the bracelet speaks to both genders equally. It is rarely a question of women's or men's watches at Rosendahls, but of high quality timepieces which provide the maximum comfort and at the same time are an eye-catcher.

Designer Flemming Bo Hansen understands it admirably, how to make Rosendahl watches so distinctive. His creations such as the Series Watch II are represented in our shop as well as those of his fellow designers. It is said on the Rosendahl website about the serial Watch II: "If you remove all the unnecessary extras on a watch, you would certainly get a Rosendahl Watch. A unit so to speak, almost like a strip of genius on your wrist, with only a single function.: to display the time. And also looking good, of course ... "