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Russian watches - unparalleled and extravagant in style

Russian watches offer a very special sight. Especially for lovers of Russian mentality, these watches are made for. Spoil yourself with the luxury of a watch full of charm.

Russian watches have gained a lot of prestige in recent times. Thus, the first wrist watches were rather ridiculed, they are now on the highest level of modern technology. The watches can easily keep up with those of the competition from Germany and Switzerland and can, due to their uniqueness, also be compared to the long-established competition today. Numerous tests have now proven the high standards and sufficiency of Russian watches.

Brands such as Vostok Europe, which sees itself in the tradition of Soviet watchmaking, spread throughout the world at incredible speed. Even though the company was only founded in 2003, it is already one of the most successful ones on the Russian watch market. Many models with Russian quality watch works are a tribute to technological developments in the Soviet era.

In particular, the appearance of comparatively cheap Russian watches appeals to a variety of male fans. This often adaptes to the military style or to particular designs for extreme situations, this appearance is often praised in watch forums. The watches not only look very strong and multifunctional, they really are. Most of these watches are adapted to the corresponding models such as from the military or the Aviation area and therefor impact-proof and water resistant. In addition, they offer special features such as depth and altimeter that prepare you for every situation.

Russian watch brands like Vostok Europe, Sturmanskie or Denisov are just a few of the well-known Russian manufacturer watches.