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Skagen Denmark watches quality elegant design made by Skagen Denmark

The brand Skagen Denmark was founded in 1989 by the Danes Charlotte and Hendrik Jorst in New York. From their basement they fulfilled the dream of a private design company and sold the now highly sought-after wristwatches by Skagen Denmark. Skagen Denmark now has offices in the USA and in Denmark and united the American dream with the typical clear Danish design. With the high quality watches, Skagen Denmark has managed to be among the top watch brands worldwide.

A Skagen Denmark watch is timeless and elegant. The brand Skagen Denmark is not only respected for quality, but also the fact that the Skagen watches are nevertheless affordable. This results in exclusive watches with a comfortable fit. Especially the Milanaise-straps, which are often used by Skagen Denmark inspire with their supple, delicately braided structure, a fine metal mesh. The comfort of Milanaise-straps is further increased by the use of titanium. Mostly within the Slimline Titanium collection, make this this type of Skagen watches something special. Titanium offers the further advantage that the Skagen Denmark watches can be worn by those who suffer from allergies. With attention to detail and always a simple style, the Skagen Denmark watches embody the typical Scandinavian style. By this creating timeless, elegant watches at an affordable price.

Those who prefer a more noble and striking design, will surely enjoy the Black Label watches from Skagen Denmark. For here the Skagen watches lay the balance act between big, expressive housings and yet calm style.

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