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Sport Watches - companions for athletes

Sports watches have to be able to survive a lot today. Whether you drive into the mountains and rush back down on a mountain bike, running or exploring the surrounding forest, or if you just want to keep the time in mind at soccer training: sports watches are made just for this occasion!

The well-known manufacturer of sports watches for men and women include Festina, Jacques Lemans and Timex. Also, Seiko, Casio and Boccia have recognized the importance of this type and regularly issue new watch models on the market.

Especially the modern sport watches feature many functions that facilitate an athletes everyday life. The Casio sports watch STR-300 1CEF for ladies, for example, is a true all-rounder. You can set multiple alarms at a time there. Up to five times a day sounds the adjusted signal, thus recalling the next training session or just to the next appointment (even or regularly taken medication, this feature also comes highly handy). To have one's own performance in mind, also stopping times can be saved and viewed later. Up to 60 results can be archived in this way so as to show an overview of the developments in performance. The robust production method of this watches makes it resistant to water. So you can safely jump into the shower after sports without having to remove the watch before. Also you do not need to ear anymore that you might have forgotten to remove the watch before the swimming pool or fitness center. Due to the curved glass, this model is also very stable and offers a good view of the clear digital display in 12/24 hour format.

Sports watches are generally very stable and can withstand the most extreme conditions today's sports can bring with it. Many watch models are tailored specifically to the needs of different sports. Sailors benefit from the built yacht timer. Climbers and hikers often use the height or in addition the built-in digital compass. Also models with heart rate monitor are available on the net. Have a look around in our online shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.