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Vostok Europe watches - technology in modern design

The watch manufacturer Vostok Europe is a young Lithuanian company that desribes itself as standing in the long tradition of watchmaking. True to the slogan "high technology - revived in modern watch design" Vostok Europe designs high quality watches that are known not only for excellent functional modalities, especially for the premium materials used, but also the elaborate manufacturing methods. Although the company is not directly derived from the Europen Vostok watches works, the original works of Vostok are used in many Vostok Europe high-quality models.

A few more details about the company history: In August 2003, the company achieved an agreement between the companies Vilnius Koliz and the Chrystopol Vostok Watch Factory, which allowed the establishment of a joint company, the Koliz Vostok. The joint venture was to develop new watch series, the modern design and quality combined with many years of experience of watchmaking tradition. This common goal led to the creation of the brand Vostok Europe in its present form.

So the first Vostok Europe series has already been presented at Baselworld exhibition to the public in April 2004. The comprehensive collection of five models included the Model "K3 Submarine", which quickly became the first bestseller of Vostok Europe. True to its slogan, the models are being named after milestones of science and engineering arts and presented here under the motto "Techno Design". In May 2004, the production of the movements 2426 and 2432 began, which were developed exclusively for the still new brand. The production line was built by the Runim Co., which belongs to Chystopol watch manufacturer. Already in summer 2004, the delivery of the first timepieces to Germany, Poland, Greece and the United States took place. Only a year later, Vostok Europe was already the official timekeeper of the famous race from Murmansk to Vladivostok.

Simultaneously with the opening of a new headquarters in 2007, Vostok Europe announced the successful sale of their quality watches in 30 countries around the world. By 2009, the agreement with the Swiss company mbmicrotec cooperation was settled, the access to high technology has been opened up. From then Vostok Europe watches could offer luminous dials, which were based on Tritium tubes. These were first installed in the watch Ekranoplan. The patented illumination technology is used, among other things, in specialized watches for the special forces around the world and allows a reading of the watch even in total darkness. The Anchar watch series was published in 2010 and united the new dial illumination and a particularly greta depths with a water resistance of up to 300 meters for the first time. The movement was contributed by the Japanese quality companies SII.

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