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Roger Lascelles PUB/ETIENNE
Wall Clock

Wall Clock Roger Lascelles
Serie:French Kitchen Clocks
EAN: 5038381702935

In stock - Ships on 23 / 09 / 2019
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Roger Lascelles PUB/ETIENNE - - Classic Wall Clocks - Series: French Kitchen Clocks

    Roger Lascelles wall and table clocks are made in England. They embody the spirit and style of a bygone era. From wall clocks in the style of the 1950s (Retro Classics) through to table clocks reminiscent of the Victorian Era, Roger Lascelles brings back the authentic feel of past days. Please note that the products offered in our shop are detailed reproductions!

  • Category
    classic wall clock
  • Design
    Retro Café design 'Chocolat'
  • Dial
    dial with Roman numerals I-XII
  • Material
    imprint applied to hardboard
  • Measurements
    diameter: 36 cm
  • Movement
  • Packaging
    Well packaged for quick and safe delivery. Delivered in original box.
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    Perhaps we can help please contact us!Contact
UsageKitchen, Living room
Dial-face colourRed
NumeralsAbout us

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