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Sundials - Timepieces for sunny days

The Sunshine Garden Clocks are a stylistic rarity on the clock market. Thus, the company manufactures no new-fangled Clocks, but genuine sundials. The sundial is getting aligned and fixed at a predetermined angle to the sun. The shadow of the sun is being created by the vertically upward pointing pole, which then displays the exact time.

The shadow tip is moving during the day along on a scale mounted on the sundial and can easily be read without any additional aids. At best, this system works naturally in the open air and bright sun that casts sharp shadows. But also lower solar radiation is sufficient to be able to read the clock accordingly.

These Clocks are very popular with all those who are looking for an exceptional eye-catcher for the garden. Especially in the southern regions, these timepieces are enjoying increasing popularity for outdoor use.

The clock by the brand Sunshine Garden are mainly produced in two variations: as a wall clock and as a grandfather clock. Wall clocks may only be placed on the sunny side of the house, where the clocks only need a sunlit place.

Sunshine Garden produces the handmade clocks in Germany, resulting in a high quality as well as high resistance. The sundials are indeed designed for unprotected outdoor areas, so they will stay steady for years under all weather conditions. A unique treatment for the stainless steel is used for the further refining and gives a velvety finish and quality.