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Thomas Sabo Jewelry - surprisingly extraordinary

Do you love things that not everyone owns and wears? Then the label Thomas Sabo is just right for you. In the category Thomas Sabo Jewelry in our online store, there is a great selection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. What is special about Thomas Sabo, who wears his jewelry and what else you want and should know, you can find out here.

Table of contents

Thomas Sabo - the label

His own active life is part of the brand's success. Thomas Sabo searches for and finds the extraordinary, which he now implements - together with exclusive designers. While in the early years the still predominant silver jewellery was the cornerstone for the company, it is now also leather or overlays in gold and rosé that characterise the style. However, one thing is and has always been important to Thomas Sabo: the high quality of the products, which is also inextricably linked to the brand. The creation of our own brand world, cooperation with retail partners and social commitment have contributed to the creation of an incomparable atmosphere with great products.

How to choose the right piece

Young and young at heart, active and enthusiastic are the typical lovers of Thomas Sabo Jewelry. Are you one of them? Then you will find the right jewellery for many occasions. Whether you want to go to the theater or the club, wear pieces by Thomas Sabo Jewelry in your free time or at work, one thing is certain: women's jewelry and men's jewelry from Thomas Sabo always arrives. You leave a lasting impression with every performance. There is only one thing you should keep in mind: If there is a chance that you will get stuck somewhere with the jewelry at work or during sports, take it off as a precaution. The joy of jewelry lasts all the longer if you protect it from strong influences.

chains and pendants

Under the label Thomas Sabo you will find versatile jewelry that knows no age limits. This is especially true for the trailers. The selection is great. Simple pendants with classic motifs such as hearts, shamrocks or crosses form the basis. The extraordinary thing about Thomas Sabo, however, are the motif pendants. Here you will find everything that makes your heart - or that of the recipient - beat faster. Pendants with replicas of a paw, ballerina shoes and lipstick on one side, with scooter and football on the other, are sought after by all genders and in every age group. The different workmanship also makes up the special charm of the pendants from Thomas Sabo Jewelry. Sometimes plain in silver, sometimes blackened, set stones and enamel, the collection is ideal for you. Have you already discovered your absolute favorite? Then choose the right necklace. All models are of high quality, with solid, secure fasteners or made of one piece. Maybe you already know what type of closure you can use best. Is it the carabiner or the spring washer? Do you prefer the clasps simple or do you want them to be decorated as well? When it comes to the length of the necklace, you decide what suits you. Tight-fitting chains from Thomas Sabo with extension links allow for variable carrying options. This makes it the ideal piece of jewellery for many occasions. With a dirndl you wear it close to the neck, with a T-shirt it can fit loosely. Take a look at the different designs and compare them to your neck circumference. If you are looking for a long chain, you can choose from different designs. Necklaces from Thomas Sabo Jewelry are also too beautiful to keep hidden under garments. Show them openly and infect others with your enthusiasm for Thomas Sabo Jewelry.

bracelets as a statement

Not only necklaces, but also bracelets are signs of your well-being, your attitude to life. The selection at Thomas Sabo Jewelry is large. In our online shop we carry simple, minimalist bracelets as well as romantically playful ones. This gives you the opportunity to underline classic garments in different ways. During the day in the office, it can be the clear look, in the evening you show your relaxed and open-minded side. The different designs of the Thomas Sabo bracelets offer you all the desired wearing properties. Almost all models are adjustable in length. In the given article descriptions you will also find other wearing options. If you are looking for a bracelet on which you can collect the coveted Thomas Sabo Charms, look at the relevant note on both individual parts. This way, you can make sure that the diameter of the charms or their fasteners matches the design and thickness of the bracelet. As with the necklaces, the quality of Thomas Sabo Jewelry is evident in the bracelets. All clasps are of high quality, if you close them carefully, your piece of jewelry will last for a long time. Decorative elements in the clasp are particularly in demand for the bracelet. This even results in different wearing options for you. Depending on your mood, you can turn your bracelet so that the clasp is in the foreground or existing jewellery elements dominate the band itself.

Hoop earrings and more - Earrings by Thomas Sabo

Have you already found your personal favorite among the earrings? Are you more of the type for generous hoop earrings, for simple studs or decorative hangers? Maybe you suddenly like a different style that you want to discover for yourself. When it comes to earrings, it is particularly important that the clasp works reliably. But if you already have unique pieces at home, you can combine them with matching earrings. Hangers are consistent with the simple plug, and you are welcome to complement hoop earrings with other similar ones. Go for it! No single piece of jewellery has to remain in the drawer anymore, just order something extra. With earrings from Thomas Sabo, you will discover different types of clasps such as rosettes and plug-in clasps or flap clasps. Each clasp is optimally matched to the design of the earrings. The result is a complete work that meets even the highest standards both visually and practically.

Between Silver and Steel - Interesting Facts

At Thomas Sabo Jewelry, silver continues to be a defining feature. Typical of Thomas Sabo is blackened silver, which scores with its special surface treatment. Enthusiasts also rely on the pieces set with gemstones, which can be used to set restrained, but also colour-dominating accents. Semi-precious stones are also in demand, or their replica is strikingly similar to real stones. If you want to inspire yourself and others with your jewelry for a long time, you should give it regular care. It is best to wipe off any residue of sweat, make-up or other impurities with a soft cloth every time you wear it. Every now and then, you give your jewelry a bath. You can use a mild soapy water for this, but even better is a special detergent for silver or stainless steel, depending on what your jewelry is made of. If you don't want to wear it for a long time, keep it in a lined case. Of course, you can also hang your jewelry. However, make sure that it cannot be soiled in its place.

jewelry for every occasion

What do you want from Thomas Sabo Jewelry, have you already discovered it? Whether you're looking for jewelry for leisure or a special occasion, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our online store. You are also welcome to take a look at our other brands. Do you already know the labels PD Paola, Bering Jewelry and Tommy Jewelry? Maybe you'll find something here that you're missing for your performance. You can use the search functions to make your selection. Set the different criteria, then you can find what you want with one click. Of course, our service team is also available to answer our questions. Call us if you need advice.