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Buyer's Guide Citizen Watches

Find the right Citizen watch for your taste

Sunday evening. You look ahead to the coming week and notice that there are a lot of appointments coming up. Activities with the family, business meetings and appointments are on the agenda. In order for you to keep track of everything and manage everything in a relaxed manner, a good schedule and a stable working watch are just the thing. In this case, you can count on your Citizen watch as a reliable partner.

Find out here what makes Citizen watches so elegant and exclusive and what variants are available for you.

Table of contents

The values of Citizen

Citizen watches combine years of experience with the latest technology. Central components of the company's philosophy are: progress, development and modernity. As a result, the watches are not only of very high quality, they also meet the high demands of our modern life. The long-established company has always been a pioneer in technology. This is reflected, among other things, in the Eco-Drive models or the Promaster series. These sporty Citizen watches and chronographs are ideal for use on land, in the water and in the air. Due to their accuracy, quality and technology, Citizen watches become reliable helpers in everyday life and also make a first-class visual impression.

The story of Citizen

As early as 1918, Kamekichi Yamazaki began producing pocket watches. Yamazakis passion has flowed into every single watch and after a short time word had quickly spread among the population and thus the interest in his special watches grew. After all, today's company Citizen was founded in 1930. At the time, the Japanese emperor was an enthusiastic Citizen watchmaker. After 1945, the company expanded more intensively and continued to bring new watch innovations to the market.

To name a few of Citizen's innovations:

Citizen has become one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. The name Citizen has a special meaning. Namely, it is intended to express that the watches should be affordable for every citizen.
Nowadays, there is always an anecdote about Citizen. Namely, in 1983, a diver's watch with an automatic movement was found in Long Reef Beach in Australia. This watch was from 1977 and must have been in the water for a very long time. To the surprise of many, the clock was still ticking after all this time.

Super Titanium Series

The use of Super Titanium makes these Citizen watches particularly robust timepieces. That's because Super Titanium is 5 times harder than steel and 40% lighter than steel. The Super Titanium gets these properties from the combination of very light titanium (TI) with ion plating (IP). This makes the surface of the Super Titanium watches from Citizen particularly scratch-resistant and at the same time the material is so light that the Super Titanium watches are very comfortable to wear. In addition, the Citizen Super Titanium watches are not only super light and super comfortable, but of course also nickel-free. They fit perfectly on your wrist and are particularly attractive and comfortable to wear for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

Citizen Watches Trends

Here we would like to give a small preview of developments and trends of Citizen watches.


The Eco-Drive models from Citizen are equipped with a special technology. This goes far beyond the capabilities of normal solar watches. This is because both sunlight and artificial light can be captured by the light cells of the Eco-Drive Citizen watches. This is then converted into electrical energy and stored. Some Eco-Drive models have a dark power reserve of up to eight years. This makes the Eco-Drive Citizen watches particularly reliable and, of course, environmentally friendly. It is also not necessary to change the battery with the Eco-Drive watches. A Citizen watch with Eco-Drive drive is therefore a practical and stylish variant of environmental protection.
Particularly noteworthy are the Satellite Wave GPS watches. These Citizen watches receive the current time and position from GPS satellites worldwide and automatically set the appropriate time for the current location. The case as well as the link bracelet are made of satin titanium.


However, Citizen is by no means a pure men's watch brand. It also produces very beautiful and elegant feminine ladies' watches. In particular, the Elegance series from Citizen makes women's hearts beat faster. With this series, Citizen has managed to create watches with a unique feminine character. The Citizen watches feature very modern and interesting color combinations for their dials and bracelets. Gold-coloured, rose,©gold-coloured and silver-coloured elements flow into the watches. The company Citizen tries to develop watches that meet today's modern standards and to set new trends.