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Gold-plated jewelry purchase advice

Fine jewelry creations for women, men and children

It usually doesn't take much to create a glamorous look. With the right jewelry you can create a stylish outfit completely effortlessly. Special eye-catchers are pieces of jewelry in gold-plated look. Due to their noble shine, they leave their wearer stylishly and elegantly appearance. If you also want to upgrade your look a little with gold-plated jewelry, There are no limits to your personal ideas with us. Whether for men, women or children - In our selected jewellery assortment you can expect many individual treasures with high-quality gold plating. Take a moment out and discover dreamlike jewelry that perfectly suits you and your style!

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Gold-plated jewelry can be discovered from these brands

In our online shop we only carry high-quality jewelry creations of respected Marches. Our gold-plated jewelry stands for high quality and first-class design. In addition to PDPAOLA, the Spanish label, which creates its unique pieces of jewelry in colorful Barcelona, are also Thomas Sabo and s. Oliver Jewelry are represented in our product range. The gold-plated women's jewelry from PDPAOLA stands for extraordinary, fun-loving designs. Decorated with colored zirconia stones the handmade jewelry exudes a good mood in no time at all. Due to the filigree, delicate Shapes, it looks particularly feminine and never makes your outfit look overloaded. That Jewelry label Thomas Sabo can do both: cheerfully colorful and classically simple. As with PDPAOLA stand Thomas Sabo's extraordinary designs with a high recognition value in the foreground. Clear The fine pieces of jewellery from the s.Oliver Jewelry brand are more classic. Gold-plated jewelry by s.Oliver is characterized by clean lines, romantic details and sparkling stones. The perfect jewelry for a timelessly elegant look!

Stylish pieces of jewelry of special quality

Quality is a top priority in our jewellery range. We attach great importance to the fact that Our gold-plated jewelry will give you pleasure for a long time. True, gold-plated jewelry is not made of real gold, but it is an excellent, cost-effective alternative. Ours in the online The jewelry offered in the shop is made of 925 sterling silver. For the radiant Possible criteria for the selection of jewelry are, among other things, golden optics ensures high-quality plating. Depending on your personal taste, we offer in In our assortment we offer gold-plated jewelry in different shades of color. From yellow gold to Rose gold is all with us. In particular, the PDPAOLA and Thomas Sabo brands With the help of a 750 gold alloy, her jewelry has a radiantly beautiful look. Thanks to the high There is hardly any difference to real gold jewelry. Compared to cheaper costume jewelry made of brass or zinc is our gold-plated jewelry made of 925 Sterling silver is much more robust and durable. Allergy sufferers can also take advantage of our offered Jewelry creations usually bring a lot of joy.

We carry these types of gold-plated jewelry in our online shop

Whether you are looking for a stylish necklace, a bracelet or beautiful earrings - in You are sure to find what you are looking for in our online range. And best of all: Our gold-plated jewelry stands for high quality that catches the eye at first glance. Particularly popular are: our gold-plated pendants. The versatile pieces of jewellery can be combined as desired and are available in our shop for both men and women. You want to create a make a fashion statement? Our gold-plated chains are guaranteed to give your outfit the finishing touch. Polish. From shimmering and colourful to classically elegant, everything can be found here. A special A must-have for real fashion lovers are the gold-plated letter chains from PDPAOLA. One The delicate necklaces of the brand s.Oliver are a little more discreet. Here, in particular, focus on classic circle and heart symbols. Matching the gold-plated necklace you will find with us of course stylish bracelets and earrings to complete your look in an elegant way!

Gold-plated jewelry in colorful designs

Do you have a soft spot for gold-plated jewelry in a colorful design? Then we offer you the right Selection. Colorful jewelry creations are very popular with trend-conscious women. Herewith you give every simple outfit a certain amount of feminine elegance. Especially popular for her colorful jewelry designs are the brands PDPaola and Thomas Sabo. The stylish necklaces, Bracelets and earrings can be discovered in many enchanting color combinations. During oneself At PDPAOLA, bright colours alternate with soft natural tones, the delicate zirconia sparkles Stones in women's jewelry by Thomas Sabo in all colors of the rainbow. Our tip, if you are from Colorful Can't get enough jewelry: Take a look at our jewelry assortment of the brand Bering Jewelry. Whether earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms or watches - our Bering range has certainly the right selection ready for you.

Gold-plated jewelry in a classic, timeless look

Stylish jewelry in a classic design never goes out of style. We also have many timeless pieces of jewelry with shiny gold alloy. The stylish chains, Bracelets and earrings are versatile thanks to their delicate, simple look. different outfits and occasions. For an all-round elegant look, gold-plated jewelry with bright, sparkling zirconia stones is the ideal base. Put on your evening outfit with a pair of shimmering stud earrings and a matching gold-plated necklace in filigree Style skilfully in scene. For a stylish casual look, you'll meet with simple, gold-plated Jewelry is also the right choice. From the timeless necklace to the delicate bracelet you will find with us everything that perfectly underlines your personal style. In addition to s.Oliver, the brand Tommy Jewelry is also known for its timeless jewelry. Fashion-interested ladies and gentlemen alike can find what they are looking for in our jewellery selection.

Elegant earrings for every style

When it comes to earrings, opinions differ. Some love it subtle and classic, others love it it can't sparkle enough. Fortunately, we have the right selection for everyone. Our gold-plated jewelry emphasizes your individual character in a stylish way. Especially with pleasure Our high-quality stud earrings are purchased. Whether from PDPAOLA, s.Oliver Jewelry or Thomas Sabo - in our assortment you can find stud earrings in all styles. If there is something may be bigger and more eye-catching, take a look at our enchanting hoop earrings. Again, You can expect a selection of classic as well as colorful, unusual models. If you have a Special If you want to set an accent, we recommend the stylish single hoop earrings by Thomas Sabo. Thanks With their individual designs, the gold-plated pieces of jewellery immediately catch the eye. Also the label PDPAOLA focuses on individuality and elegance in its gold-plated hoop earrings. The enchanting Earrings are available with colorful stone decoration or in pure design.

Gold-plated jewelry in a classic, timeless look

Gold-plated jewelry in high quality meets your taste exactly? Then you are in our online Shop at the right address. With us you can expect a large selection of different brands and styles. From classically elegant to colorful and playful to extravagant and glamorous, everything is in our range. Browse through our individual categories and discover enchanting necklaces, stylish bracelets and individual earrings. All our brands make their jewelry with a lot of love and use only high-quality Materials. You are looking for extraordinary jewelry that fits you and your individual Type fits? You want to give great jewelry as a gift? We are happy to offer you a free, individual advice. Simply use our contact form or contact us by phone our customer service. This is available from Monday to Friday. Also about your We are looking forward to your visit to our shop in Osnabrück!