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Meister-Stück Nr. 19 solid wood Walnut

Longcase-Clock Meister-Stück
Artikel:Nr. 19

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Meister-Stück Nr. 19 Longcase-Clock - Beech

    'Meisterstück'... that's the German word for 'masterpiece'. And it might best describe the core philosophy of this small family-owned manufactory. Unique design, high quality and careful finishing are the distinguishing features of this premium-class brand. Longcase clocks by 'Meisterstück' are produced with meticulous attention to detail. Each clock is a handcrafted unicum, which make them real masterpieces. Oak, cherry, walnut tree, sycamore, beech and mahogany wood... Only the best is good enough to meet the high standard of quality. In addition, every Meisterstück clock is run by an original 'Kieninger' Black Forest precision-movement. Each clock can be customised according to your individual wishes and requirements: Choose among many different movements, pendulums and types of wood. Individual offers on request.

  • 5 Years warranty for this timepiece
    You get a five years warranty-certificate for your new timepiece. If there is any problem with the timepiece or striking mechanism, this certificate garanties a 100 % protection- meaning, we take care of the technical integrity inbetween these 5 years.
  • Category
    Exclusive corner longcase clock
  • Design
    Walnut with natural finish. 2 doors (lockable), glazed sides. Doors and sides with bevelled glas. Features an openable compartment in the base section. Pendulum and weights of polished brass.
  • Dial
    Dial with Roman numerals I - XII and current moon phase
  • Distinctive features
    Other types of wood available on request.
  • Expert advice needed?
    Should you have any questions concerning our timepieces or the delivery, please call our team of motivated consultants. Call us: 0049 541 4406905
  • Material
    Handmade of solid walnut wood
  • Measurements
    208 x 68 x 42 cm (H x W x D)
  • Movement
    German Black Forest movement by 'Kieninger', chain movement with 3 melodies (Westminster, St. Michael, Whittington),automatic night shut-off, 4/4 and 1/4 hour chime can be deactivated.
  • Are you looking for a particular timepiece but cannot find it?
    Perhaps we can help please contact us!Contact
Dial-face colourGold
NumeralsAbout us

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