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Timex Classic

Timex Watches - a story of success since 1854

Founded in 1854 under the name of Waterbury Clocks, the Timex Group made timepieces affordable for the American working class. A long-standing tradition of innovative watchmaking features the products of this company since those days.

In the beginning of the 20th Century, Waterbury Clocks developed, the first watch affordable for everyone and since then known as the "Yankee" the famous mechanical pocket watch in collaboration with Robert H. Ingersoll. From miners, to office workers and even the famous author Mark Twain, all had a "Yankee" - pocket watch. It went down in history as "the clock that made the dollar famous", it was remodeled in the First World War as a watch for soldiers. Meanwhile, due to the fact that the veterans also wore these watches after the war, many of these timepieces were sold to civilians in the 1920s.

In 1933 Waterbury Clock received from Walt Disney's the exclusive license to manufacture the world's first Mickey Mouse watch. Despite the world economic crisis, sets of parents bought in a few years two million Mickey Mouse watches for their children. Today, they are considered collectibles, the price rockets further and further into the air. Transformed into the U.S. Time Company, the company concentrated during the Second World War mainly on the production of mechanical fuze for artillery and anti-aircraft and was thus the largest supplier for the Allies. The hereby gained experience in research, development and mass production resulted in the invention of the very first inexpensive, yet reliable mechanical movement.

In the year 1950 the company introduced the first Timex on the market. It owes its reputation to the then very popular John Cameron Swayze, who underwent a variety of Toughness tests for the watch live on television at the end of the 50ies. But the Timex resisted each of these tests with flying colours, resulting in sales numbers which exploded. This success led to the name change again. Firstly into the Timex Company, later to today's company name - Timex Group.

Timex has been an everyday notion in the 60ies which was de facto familiar to everybody. In 1959, the first Timex Women's watch, the Cavatina came on the market, which enabled women to buy a couple of Timex watches for the price of a standard expensive watch, so now they could wear different Timex watches for different occasions and opportunities. By steady progress in the development, it was now possible to provide the company with a wide selection of watches. Among them was the very first affordable electric wrist watch for men and women.

As the only American watchmaker Timex survived the turmoil in the late seventies, due to new technologies, price competitiveness and struggle with Asia, the market became risky. What is the reason for their success then? The success was thanks to the Timex Ironman Triathlon. Professional and industrial designers developed this sports watch, which after its launch in 1986 became a bestseller in just one year.

In the last decade of the 20th Century, Timex again revolutionized the watch world with several innovations. 1992 appeared the first models with analog or digital electroluminescent dial. Two years later followed the datalink to the market with features such as a calendar, phone directory and other personal information. Another 4 years later Timex launched the i-Control alarm clock and the wrist pager Beepwear, which was created in collaboration with Motorola. Even after the turn of the millennium, Timex introduced a number of other innovations that underlines the unbroken success of this brand for over 150 years, as well as still producing innovations and diverse design combinations. You will find your personal Timex Men's Watch or even a Timex Ironman sports watch. Have fun browsing our store!