The watch of the week is the Seiko SRPE83K1 Limited Edition. A particular watch, that not only qualifies as an automatic watch, but also as one of a limited edition, consisting of 9,000 units by Seiko, born after a collaboration with the giant of rock music, Brian May. The design is inspired by his legendary guitar, that is why it has been called Red Special. Check out with us what makes this men’s watch and the artist special!

The giant of rock music, Brian May

Brian May is a British guitarist, composer, singer, astrophysicist, non-fiction author and an animal rights activist. He is mostly known for being the lead guitarist of the rock band, Queen, whom he was the founder, together with the lead singer and the drummer. After the formation of the band, Queen became one of the leading rock bands in Britain. From the middle of the 70s until the beginning of the 90s, Queen were almost always on the top charts in Britain, allowing them – and May – to become worldwide famous. Starting from the year 1991 May tried the solo career, letting Queen revive the band with guest singers. Brian May is undoubtedly recognizable for his guitar sound, so distinctive of the band, which is generated from the peculiar structure of his self-made guitar, Red Special. His music technique also plays an important role, for it makes the guitar produce a “singing sound”.

Our Seiko SRPE83K1

The watch of the week, the Seiko SRPE83K1, has a black textile strap and a silver stainless steel case. The case back is a screw-on one, made of glass, allowing you to have a peek into the automatic mechanism inside. For this kind of mechanism, it is possible to wind up the watch manually. The watch has a 4R36 calibre, a power reserve of 41 hours and 24 jewels. It also presents an engraved limited serial number. The design of the dial is also remarkably interesting, for its wavy aesthetic is clearly inspired by May’s guitar, that is the reason why it is red and has the name Red Special. This Seiko has white dot markers and white hands. The watch is enriched with a date display, a weekdays display and a seconds display.